What type of fence is best for security?

roll of chain link wire for fencing

Choosing Your Fencing

It has been said that fences make the best neighbors. And while that statement applies to residential property, it can be true for commercial properties too. Commercial fencing does more than keeping boundaries and borders established with neighboring businesses, though.

There are many reasons a business needs commercial fencings, and there are different types of commercial fences to answer those needs. Like commercial fencing for security purposes, typically installed along with security lighting protects not just the structure, but the grounds surrounding the structure and all that is on the property. A business will be conscious of the commercial security fence costs, but they also know that cost will re-pay itself by protecting the property.  

Security commercial fencing should provide the business enhanced protection for their assets, storage areas, and any open areas on the business’ property. Some commercial fencing ideas to provide security include: 

Chain Link Fencing

A commercial chain link fence is the most economical choice for commercial fencing that still provides a level of security. It can be installed at various heights that can make climbing it impossible, including with a tilted barb wire top. Adding security cameras and sensors can complement the chain-link security commercial fencing along with burying the bottom of the fence below the ground.

Adding a high-tech chain-link gate that requires a code or ID card for entering is an option that will eliminate public access, making the business a harder target for thievery and vandalism. 

Chain-link commercial fencing is durable and requires minimal maintenance thanks to the zinc coating that galvanizes the material and prevents corrosion. Add an extra vinyl coating to make this commercial fencing more attractive while weatherproofing it. 

Aluminum Commercial Fencing

Commercial aluminum fencing is a durable and tough material that has become popular for residential use too. There is a list of reasons why this is the ideal commercial fencing material, starting with the height and styling. Aluminum commercial fencing is going to look stylish around your structure, and the height will keep any intruders and vandals out. 

As a measure of security, with the parallel bars within each fence panel, there is no foothold that can aid in climbing over the fence. These fences can be built so high, that no ladder or rope can help get over them. 

With specialized pickets at the top, aluminum commercial fencing is even more secure, including going with double pickets for double the security. This type of commercial fencing will keep small animals out as well. 

Aluminum commercial fencing doesn’t rust, the paint won’t wear off like commercial iron fencing does if you choose to have it painted to match your structures. Customization is possible with this style of fencing that will look good and provide the security needed from commercial fencing. 

What is the strongest type of fence?

Your commercial fencing should provide your business with the following:

  • Aesthetics and curb appeal
  • Security of property
  • Security of employees
  • Ability to Limit Capacity and crowd control 
  • Provide Access control to prevent disturbance and unwanted visitors 
  • Privacy of activities and sensitive movements of employees 
  • Provide security for deliveries

The strongest types of commercial fencing that can provide all of that and more are: 

  • Vinyl – Vinyl commercial fencing over durability and longevity with minimal maintenance and upkeep. This is the most private style of fencing you can have and comes in various colors, heights, and styles. 
  • Chain Link – Quick to install for commercial fencing, ideal for temporary use or permanent use. Add slates for privacy that will also reduce dust, noise, and wind. Available in various heights and can adapt to upgrades for security purposes. When galvanized or painted, the appearance will last for a lifetime without requiring any maintenance.
  • Aluminum or Steel – This heavy-duty material provides durability and sturdiness. A great barrier for protection that can be customized for aesthetics with some ornamental add-ons. Little maintenance and can be customized with different colors and styles, including an acrylic finish that has minimal fade possibility. 
metal fence in front of a hedge

Fencing it Off With a Few Final Words

Other types of fencing available that aren’t necessarily commercial fencing materials but can provide a business a certain curb appeal is farm-style wood fencing or horse fencing and wood privacy fencing. These types of fences won’t provide the security that other commercial fencing styles we’ve discussed but can provide an aesthetic curb appeal with the right landscaping that is attractive to customers.

Use the internet for finding a commercial fencing contractor that can visit your property, and discuss your concerns, needs, and budget. Or talk to neighboring businesses who they used and recommend.   The contractor should handle all the permit requirements and know where to find out any guidelines and restrictions on the height and type of commercial fencing that is allowed.