How to Install an Iron Fence

A Close Up Picture of a Wrought Iron Fence.

Professional Wrought Iron Fence Installation

Are you interested in a wrought iron fence for your home’s backyard? Wrought iron fences are able to add more curb appeal and security to any home, making them a great choice. Many people who are considering wrought iron fences often wonder, “Why do they call it wrought iron?” wrought is an outdated term that means to work, so wrought iron means “worked iron”. Basically, wrought iron is manufactured iron. Many people ask if the term is “Is it wrought or rod iron?” and the correct spelling is wrought, not rod. If you are thinking about getting a wrought iron fence for your home, you might wonder what the installation process entails. The installation process is actually quite simple and doesn’t take very long.

Before a wrought iron fence is installed, you will need the posts, panels, gates, and fasteners, as well as a shovel, screwdriver, tape measure, stakes, and other materials. When those materials are acquired, the first step in the installation process, post stakes will need to be stuck in the ground where each corner of the iron fence will be. Once the stakes have been set up, the string will be tied to the stakes to see what the dimensions of the fence will be. When you know where the fence is going to go, fence posts can be put in place of the stakes. After the posts have been set up, the fence panels can then be installed. Next, the gate for the fence will be installed. It is an easy process when you hire a contractor who knows what they are doing.

What is the Difference Between Wrought Iron and Cast Iron?

When it comes to iron, there is a couple of choices to choose from. There are wrought iron and cast iron. Wrought iron and cast iron are usually used interchangeably, but they are actually different. Wrought iron is when the iron has been heated and is worked into different shapes; cast iron is when the iron is melted, put into a mold, and then cooled.

Cast iron is non-malleable, whereas wrought iron is malleable, which means that it’s a material that is soft and easy to work with. This can make it easier to construct fences since cast iron is pretty hard and brittle. It is important to note that both wrought iron and cast iron can corrode when the material is exposed to oxygen over time. To keep wrought and cast iron from corroding, it is important that they get a protective coating. This will definitely help the wrought iron and cast iron from corroding.

Iron Fence Landscaping

If you are wanting to add more to your home’s landscaping, one of the things you can consider is hardscaping with a wrought iron fence. You can install an iron fence backyard or for the front yard and either do bush, flower, or tree planting around the fence line. This is a great way to either separate areas of your yard or to enhance the visual appeal of your home. While wrought iron fences are great ways to add more value and appeal to your landscaping. It is really important that they get the proper care. Wrought iron can corrode easily, so knowing how to care for the fence can prevent this from happening. These are some ways to take care of your wrought iron fence.

  • Preserve the Fence: Because water can easily cause rust on the wrought iron fence, it’s important to keep vines and weeds from growing on the fence. Coating the fence will also prevent rusting.
  • Clean the Fence: If the fence is dirty with mud or you notice that there are rust spots, use soapy warm water and a small brush to remove dirt or rust.
  • Repair the Fence: If there are areas of the fence that have rust, remove the rust by scrubbing it away and then either using a coating or paint to cover up where the rust was.
  • Inspect the Fence: Get your fence inspected annually to ensure it doesn’t have any severe damage.
A Picture of a Wrought Iron Driveway Entrance Gate.

Iron Fence Estimates

People interested in wrought iron fences typically want to know the cost before they invest in this type of fence. This premium product can cost more than a simple wooden fence. A lot of people ask, “Why is wrought iron so expensive?” and the reason being is that it can be hard to manufacture, so that makes the price a lot more expensive than most fences. If you are looking for a wrought iron fence in Crowley and Fort Worth, TX, please call the professionals at Ware Fencing. We are happy to discuss our pricing and whether a wrought iron fence is the right fence for your home. Give us a call at 817-948-4503 to make an appointment.