Why Every Pool Should Have A Pool Safety Fence

pool safety fence

Pools With Fences Are More Than 80% Safer Than Pools Without Fences

Does your home pool have a safety fence around it? If not, you could be putting your children at risk and you could also liable for the danger your pool presents to others! Today we are going to discuss exactly why  pool safety fences are so essential for any pool owner, and how you can save a life!

Drowning Dangers

The Center for Disease Control, also known as the CDC, provides plenty of tips that are designed to help keep people safe. They also provide the public with statistics surrounding the dangers of just about anything you may encounter. In statistics published here, we get a crystal clear view of just how big of a threat drowning really is. Drowning actually accounts for more than one third of the unintentional deaths of children aged 1 through 4. Between ages 1 and 14, death caused by drowning is second only to automobile crashes. It takes only a few minutes of a child being out of sight for tragedy to strike. Most children involved in drowning accidents were reported as out of sight for five minutes or less. The CDC also tells us that adding a full pool safety fence reduces the risk of drowning by over 80%!

To learn more ways you can prevent drowning at home, check out these additional resources from the CDC. To order a pool safety fence for your pool, give us a call at 817-948-4503 and speak to any of our fencing professionals. We’re here to make your home safer, and provide you with the fence you want and need.