Barbed Wire Vs. Electric Fencing

Barbed wire and electric fencing are obviously so popularly used because of the protection they offer. These fences keep your livestock safely on your land while also keeping predators and other wild animals out. But which type of fencing is better suited for you? Let’s compare:

Barbed Wire Fencing

Electric or Barbed Wire Fences Are Needed To Protect Your Livestock

Versatile: Seen on both residential and commercial properties to keep animals where they should be.

Durable: Helps maintain livestock as even the angriest longhorn can’t lift the posts from the ground.

Cheap: Because it is made of wire, it is way more cost-effective than fencing your entire multiple acres of land with wood planks which are much more costly and age quicker.

Customizable: Can choose the length of the barbs and how far they are placed on the wire from post to post.

Easy Maintenance: Once the posts are in the ground, if wires ever break, they are easily replaced since they are simply stretched over the posts.

Electric Fencing

Safety: While it may sound more dangerous, the electric shocks are not electric-chair worthy. Shocks from an electric fence feel like those from a dog shock-collar – a quick zap to let you know you did something wrong, like trying to enter or leave through the fence. Animals don’t scrape themselves as much from electric fences like they do from barbed wire and humans have less injuries installing or repairing them.

Easy to install: There are no posts to dig into the ground like with barbed wire.

Movable: Since it sits atop the ground, you can adjust the fence to give your livestock more room to graze.

Cheap: Electric fences are cheaper than wood planks, but are even cheaper than barbed wire when comparing panel by panel. An electric fence will cost about half of what the barbed wire will cost.

Lifespan: Electric fencing lasts 25-40 years compared to only 12 years from barbed wire fences. That is why they are more expensive upfront but save way more money over time instead of having to keep repairing or replacing fencing.

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