Do You Need a New Fence?

As a homeowner, you have many different responsibilities, and dealing with a failing fence is a major hassle you don’t want to deal with. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if your fence actually needs to be repaired ASAP, or if you can get a few more months out of it before you need to replace it. Today we will go over a few signs that mean you need to fix your fence ASAP.

Old Age

Cedar Fencing

Is Your Fence In Top Condition?

If your fence is older than 15 years, and it’s a traditional wood fence, it may be nearing the end of it’s lifespan. Environmental conditions can determine whether a fence falls short of that lifespan or exceeds it however, so be sure to get a professional opinion before you start tearing it down. Merely keep in mind that it can’t last forever.


Now, if your fence has started to lean, it’s going to have to be replaced ASAP. Not only is it a danger to your family, it’s also a liability. It could fall over and damage property, or harm someone.

Damaged Wood

If the wood is starting to rot or splinter, that is another key sign for replacement.  And again, stability becomes a concern. Damaged wood is also a haven for pests, which can transfer from the fence to the home if left unchecked.


Last but not least, if you’re just sick of looking at your old fence, why not replace it with something you love? A good fence can improve your home’s property value and curb appeal.

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