3 Cattle Fencing Mistakes to Avoid

Cow Fencing

Avoid Cattle Fencing Mistakes With Ware Fencing

In Texas, the proper handling of livestock is a long lasting tradition. If you own property in Fort Worth, TX, you might be in the market for a cattle fencing installation service. Ware Fencing offers cattle fence installation in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. If you have had a bad experience with fence installation in the past, your contractor likely made one of these five primary cattle fencing mistakes. These mess ups are:

Lack of Post Spacing

Sometimes less is more. When using barbed wire, fencing contractors can sometimes use TOO many posts. This creates a lack of spacing and subsequently weakens the structure. Before you know it, your hard earned money was spent on something that did not protect your livestock or your property. A spacing of 80-100 feet apart should do a better job of holding your structure.

Steel Post Short Out

If you are using an electric fence, placing a steel post anywhere near it can cause a massive short out. You should instead use wooden or composite posts, which offer more flexibility. Don’t even mess around with the chance of an electrical short out, as it will put a halt to your entire protection mechanism and wreak havoc on the protection of your livestock.

Undersized Corner Posts

When your posts are not driven deeply enough into the ground, they can ruin your entire operation. Many properties that have softer soil in the ground need larger corner posts that are driven more deeply into the surface. Ware Fencing will assess the exact diameter you need for your particular structure. Call 817-948-4503 for professional cattle fencing in Fort Worth, TX.