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How Do You Design a Fence?

wooden fence against a concrete drive

The Importance of Fencing

The purpose of fences today is to keep things in or keep things out. Those things may be animals and critters or humans. What type of fence design, materials, and size will all depend on your fence needs. 

It was the Greeks that began the use of fences around a property. Although the land served as a social recognition without partitions, the territory conquering brought about the need for border fences. From there, the Romans carried on the use of property fences, and designs would be changed, but the purpose was the same. 

Let’s say you live in the city, an average neighborhood. Your home did not have a fence when you purchased the home, so you’re wondering, “What fence should I get for my yard?” There are multitudes of fence designs, but your first concern should be if there are any regulations and restrictions for the neighborhood. This could be the city itself or a Homeowners Association needs to approve your fence design and size. 

Once you have clarified what the city or HOA allow, require, or disallow, then determine why you need or want a fence. Is it fencing for the backyard or front yard, or all the way around? Perhaps you’re just fencing a garden off or the swimming pool. Each of these will have a different type of fence design. 

There is always the boring chain-link fence that has been around since the 1950s or 1960s. There is typical wooden privacy fence, designs can vary between board-to-board or board-on-board. If you’re wanting something different, here are some fence design ideas to consider for your home would be: 

  • Brick: A gray neutral color brick that is laid in a simple pattern is ideal for the backyard of a contemporary style home. With simple landscaping, the unique fence design of gray brick will standout and accent your home. 
  • Corrugated Metal: Where low-cost fence designs is the focus, this is a unique option that most homeowners would never consider. The sheets of metal can cut to size easily and then pair them with wood posts. A rustic style fence design to match a home of ranch-style architecture or a modern, contemporary home. 
  • Composite or Engineered Wood: A durable fence design option is a composite or engineered wood fence. All man-made fencing that looks like wood but will last for years longer and can match any architectural style. When it comes to wood fence designs, this has become one of the most popular materials to use today. 
  • Horizontal or Flat Wood: These hipster fence designs are popular on the west coast where homes are being flipped for profit. Flippers are hoping to catch the eye of a TV producer and get their latest conquest on television will use this these wood fence designs exclusively. This is their “trademark” so-to-speak. Provides privacy with a modern touch. 
  • Lattice: Where privacy and security aren’t a concern, lattice fence design is a great option for appearance fencing. Defines a border while keeping the airy and open feel and look. 
  • Picket: If traditional is what you’re looking for, nothing fits the description better than a picket fence designs. Ideal for a historical older home along the front yard. Open and welcoming while establishing the boundary. 
  • Stone: Stone may be the oldest fence design in the world. This classic is still popular today on large tracts of land but may be frowned upon in a city neighborhood. Always worth trying to get approval from the city and HOA though!
  • Iron Fence: Oh how gorgeous iron fence designs are for older historical homes! They have a ring of regal about them and fit perfectly with Victorian-styled homes. If your home is in a historical district, iron fencing is never frowned upon by the HOS or historical committee. 

Which fence material is best?

 For the best fence design for high winds, contractors and builders will recommend vinyl fence designs. vinyl is five times stronger than wood fence design options and more flexible too. It is that flexibility that makes vinyl fencing ideal for areas where the winds are high and strong. 

wooden fence surrounding a field

Closing It All in With Fencing

There were many decades when chain-link fencing was the only fence design available. Then the taller version of chain-link with thin metal was weaved through to provide privacy. Then came the wooden privacy fence and that took over, especially homes with swimming pools. 

Today, the fence construction ideas are endless. Find a material you like and there is sure to be a fence design created that will fit your needs and wants with a style that is all yours. The only thing holding back your desired fence design is the city and HOA restrictions and your budget.