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How to Care for Your Wrought Iron Fence and Gate

Wrought iron fencing system

How do you take care of wrought iron?

Wrought iron is a beautiful and mysterious material used for many things like indoor and outdoor décor and wrought iron fences. Wrought iron is obtained from a smelting process. This is a ductile, fibrous,  soft material made from semi-fused mass of comparatively pure iron globules and surrounded partially by slag. While the description doesn’t make it sound beautiful, when a wrought iron fence is made from this material, it transpires into something astounding, whether it is indoor décor or your outdoor wrought iron fence.

Sometimes it is the finishing a home needs in the front yard, and a wrought iron fence is just the answer. A wrought iron fence with a gate can set up the boundary of your property and the gate says visitors are welcomed. You may be thinking, “Does wrought iron rust?”, and the answer is yes, but with proper care and maintenance, you can keep your wrought iron fence looking good.

It isn’t complicated or difficult to care for a wrought iron fence, and it doesn’t have to be done as often as a wood fence needs to be cared for.  You should thoroughly wash your wrought iron fence twice a year with mild soap and water. Then let it sit out to dry thoroughly and when completely dry, spray an automotive spray wax over the wrought iron fence.

How can wrought iron be prevented from rusting?

A wrought iron fence can give a beautiful, impressive look to a home, offering it a sense of elegance as well as providing a boundary guide. You can  add in-ground lighting along it to showcase it at night even, making it look even more grand than it already does.

One of the downsides to a wrought iron fence is the carbon atoms in the material. When dirt, grime, or moisture come in contact with the wrought iron fence, it rusts – quickly. So, this means the care and maintenance we mentioned earlier are necessary if you want your wrought iron fence to keep looking as prestigious as possible.

 Because wrought iron fence tends to rust,  choose one of the many protective products on the market and apply it to your fence. There are epoxy enamels, zinc-based primer, and silicone-based products that will slow the rusting process down.

Be prepared for this preventive measure to take some time because each of these rust preventing products takes time to thoroughly dry. You want to choose a time where there isn’t any rain in the forecast for 2 to 3 days and if possible, sunshine on the fence as you work.

closeup of wrought iron fence

How do you remove rust from wrought iron?

Do all wrought iron fences have to be black, old, and rusty looking?  Or can I paint wrought iron?

Yes, a wrought iron fence, or even decorative wrought iron pieces can be painted.  Whether you’re wanting to paint your wrought iron fence to give it personal touch or because over time of being exposed to the weather it is pitted and rusty. Follow these steps for the ideal painted wrought iron fence:  

  • Step One: Get It Ready: Pick a day that is dry and warm. The wrought iron fence itself needs to be dry and the humidity needs to be under 80%. If the temperature is cooler than 50 degrees, paint in the direct sun. Cover any areas that you don’t want painted, like the grass, sidewalks, etc., with drop cloths or tarp. Use large pieces of cardboard or wood to shield the area around the fence from overspray in the air.
  • Step Two: Remove Old Finish & Rust: Clean the wrought iron metal with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water and a scrub brush to remove the dirt and grime. If the wrought iron fence has mildew or mold on it, use a 50/50 solution of bleach and water. For your paint to adhere to the wrought iron fence, remove the old paint and rust from the surface and any loose flakes. Light sanding  will raise the surface for better pain adhesion. A stiff wire brush is excellent for removing old paint and rust. While wearing goggles and mask, using a rust dissolver will remove the rust remnants the wire brush didn’t get, simply follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Step Three: Apply a Primer: Spray the wrought iron fence  with a primer made for metal. An aerosol primer and paint provide a smooth coverage with some touchups by brush, like some of the intricate wrought iron fence parts and the detailed wrought iron fence designs.  The primer should be thoroughly dried before you start painting. Apply 2 coats with a back-brush method that allows the paint to dry before going over it again.
  • Step Four: Apply the Paint: Spray a coat of your paint, holding it eight to twelve inches away from the wrought iron fence and keep your can moving so you don’t drip excess paint on the fence. Wait one hour before applying the second coat.

If your home already has a wrought iron fence, this article can help you bring it back to life and improve your home’s outdoor aesthetics.  If you’ve been thinking about a decorative way to border your front lawn, a wrought iron fence is a beautiful way to accomplish this. Need installation or treatment for your wrought iron fence in Crowley and Fort Worth, TX? Call 817-948-4503 today!