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How Do You Fix a Broken Barbed Wire Fence?

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How do you fix a broken barbed wire fence?

If you have barbed wire fencing on your property you know it’s sturdy. But, whether animals get out or the fence gets damaged in some way, your fence can get broken and need to be repaired. While major damage may require a professional help, you can take some steps for fast repair, as outlined below. Before you make the repairs you need tools and material including fencing sleeves, a crimping tool, heavy duty pliers, gripple sleeves (optional), and a fence stretcher. You’ll also want to wear heavy duty work gloves.

  • Take a fence stretcher and pull wire together to make the repair.
  • From each half of the break, you’ll want to remove any barbs, around 6 to 8 inches.
  • Slide the wire ends into a fencing sleeve.
  • Use a crimping tool to squeeze the sleeve closed. You can also use pliers.
  • Separate the wire ends and wrap the wires around the barbed wire. Wrap one strand counterclockwise around the barbed wire, then loop second strand around the first wire and wrap it clockwise around the fencing.

For small breaks, the repairs above will suffice. For major repairs or for barbed wire fence installation in Crowley and Fort Worth, TX, count on the professionals at Ware Fencing. We offer a full range of fencing repair and installation solutions. Give us a call at 817-948-4503 to schedule a service call. 

Are barbed wire fences legal?

Barbed wire fencing is legal, and used primarily in rural areas. When installing barbed wire, the fencing must be sufficient enough to keep livestock in or out of property. In this case, the fencing has to consist of at least three wires on posts that are no more than 30 feet apart. While barbed wire is legal, for the most part it is used in rural areas. Urban areas may have bans or restrictions on its use within city limits. Check local city ordinances to find out if there are any restrictions in your area.

How far apart are fence posts for barbed wire?

When installing fencing it’s generally best to install T-posts between 8 to 12 feet apart, although 10 to 12 feet is also a sufficient distance for fences with five to six wires. To keep livestock in or out of your property, the posts should be spaced no further than 30 feet apart. When you are installing the fence posts, you may wonder, “How deep do fence posts go?” The T-posts that support the wire need to go about 18 to 24 inches deep. The anchor should be buried to prevent animals from pulling the post from the ground. Wood posts are primarily used to brace corners. These posts need to go about as deep as the T-post. As a rule of thumb, about ⅓ of the height of the post should go into the ground.

How do you attach barbed wire to a metal post?

Metal T-posts are some of the sturdiest to attach barbed wire fencing. You’ll need fencing pliers, a spool handle and a wire stretcher and clip to attach the wire. You can attach the wires by following these steps:

  • Begin by inserting the spool handle into the middle of your fencing coil.
  • Walk the fencing between two posts, and make sure it lies flat.
  • Start at the first post and join the wire to the flat side of the post.
  • Separate the two fencing wires with pliers.
  • Insert a clip into a post opening and use pliers to bend the clip around the wire once or twice. Make sure the clip is tightly wrapped around the wire.
  • Rest the clip’s curved end around the post and repeat the above steps on the other side of the clip.
  • Pull the wire taut with a wire stretcher until the next post is reached. 

How much does it cost to install a barbed wire fence?

The cost to install barbed wire fencing will vary depending on how many linear feet of fencing will be installed, as well as the type of fencing that is installed. The barbed wire fence comes in a 1,320-foot roll and you can make your estimate for the cost of a barbed wire fence installation based on this plus labor costs. Costs will also be affected by the types of posts you install, as well as land slope and obstructions.

When you’re installing barbed wire fencing, you may want to add a barbed wire fence gate. You can make the gate from the same material as the fencing so you won’t need to go the added expense of putting in another gate. A wire gate will fit almost any size opening and can be easily mended.

A Barbed Wire Fence.

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If you are looking to install barbed wire fencing in Crowley and Fort Worth, TX, the reliable professionals to count on are those at Ware Fencing. We offer a full range of fencing installation options. Find out how we can help or schedule a service appointment with us by calling 817-948-4503.