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What is a Fence Style?

A Man Installs a Plank on a Wood Fence.

What is a fence style?

When it comes to fence design, you have multiple fence styles to choose from. There are three main categories to choose from, including privacy, functional, and decoration. What type of fence you choose will depend on what your intentions are for the fencing. You might want a tall wooden fence to improve your overall privacy, or you may want a classic white picket fence to enhance your home’s appearance. A chain link fence may be perfect for keeping pets in and unwanted strays or other creatures out.

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What are different types of fences?

Along with several styles of fencing, there are several types of fences you can choose for fence design. Some of the most popular types of fencing are outlined below.

  • Aluminum: These fences require very little maintenance and can be crafted to look like other fencing types.
  • Wood: Wood fences range from privacy fences to traditional decorative picket fences, and are generally long lasting. Size and height will determine the price of the fence.
  • PVC: While it can be used for full fencing, PVC fencing is often used to replace wooden stakes and pickets. PVC sleeves can also go on top of wood posts to add stability.
  • Wrought iron: Although strong and aesthetically pleasing, these fences require quite a bit of upkeep, including sanding and painting them every two or three years.
  • Vinyl: Though it can be expensive to install, vinyl fencing is virtually maintenance free, and very strong and flexible.
  • Chain link: These are inexpensive and durable fences, and can easily modified for your overall privacy.
  • Electric: Electric or invisible fences are primarily used to keep pets contained within a yard. Wires are placed underground that can transmit a non-dangerous electric shock through a collar to alert the animal not to cross the boundary. 
  • Bamboo: These are environmentally friendly and sturdy fences, and great for warmer climates.
  • Farm: For rural homes, wood or even barbed wire fencing can be reliable options to protect your property from predators and contain livestock.

What is the strongest type of fencing?

When it comes to fence design, many people want sturdy material for their fences, especially for privacy and security fences. Cast iron and wrought iron are some of the strongest materials available for fencing. Wrought iron, however, though very durable, can be very expensive to install. Cast iron fencing is much more susceptible to weathering and corrosion than wrought iron, but it is often less expensive to install. Wood and vinyl fencing are also highly rated when it comes to durability. Wood fences tend to be the most affordable, depending on the amount of lumber used.

It can sometimes happen with a main line plumbing problem, including clogs, that a portion of your fence may need to be removed for the plumbers to dig up the landscape to expose underground pipes. Not only will you need plumbing repairs like clogged drain cleaning, you’ll need fence repairs.

What type of fence lasts longest?

Along with being some of the strongest fencing material around, wrought iron fences also tend to last the longest. Wrought iron, however, is expensive and requires regular maintenance. Although not necessarily as strong as wrought iron fencing, chain link fences can last decades, and require much less maintenance. Vinyl fencing is also becoming popular, and does last a long time. It’s also virtually maintenance-free, and doesn’t rot or chip or peel.

Is Split rail fencing expensive?

Split-rail fencing, or log fencing, is the type of fencing you might traditionally see on ranches or farms. It’s also used as decorative fencing. It’s made from timber that is split lengthwise into rails. These fences are simple designs and require few tools to assemble. Cost estimates will depend greatly on how much land you are attempting to fence in and what type of material you wish to use.

What is the best fence design

When it comes to fence design for home, the best fence design will match the homeowner’s style and tastes, as well as the home’s surroundings. Your fence should also fit your needs. You’ll want to consider whether your fence is decorative, or meant to offer you privacy. Some popular styles include black horizontal slats and other slatted wood fence styles, as well as stone and concrete backyard walls. Bamboo fences are also popular, along with a mix of metal and brick, and metal panels.

Of course, fences need openings so you can pass through them, so you have to consider fence designs with gates. Gates can be designed to mix with the fence’s design or they can be made of a completely different material. Wrought iron gates, for instance, can be mixed with wood fences. Many people are putting in gates with elaborate designs. Whatever design you choose, you want to make sure that the gate is sturdy and durable, and latches securely.

A Man Installs a Metal Fence.

Fence design and construction

Whatever your fencing needs, when you’re considering fence design in Crowley and Fort Worth, TX, enlist the help of the professionals at Ware Fencing. We have a full range of styles and types of fences available, and highly skilled professionals to install them. Find out how we can help you by calling 817-948-4503.