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Crafting a Yard or Garden Pathway

Weaving Flagstone Path in Front Yard

Flagstone Offers a Beautiful, Natural Aesthetic for Your Garden Pathway.

When it comes to putting the finishing touches on your landscaping, nothing brings all of your hard gardening work together like a beautiful garden pathway! A pathway not only offers a lovely walkway around the yard, but it also protects your feet and shoes from mud. With so many gorgeous materials to choose from, how can you know which will work best for your landscaping design?

What are the Best Pathway Materials?

The ideal pathway material combines form and function. You’ll need a material that lasts and doesn’t require excessive maintenance, but you’ll also want something that complements your home design and landscaping. There are a few preferred materials homeowners go to for yard and garden pathways, including:

  • Gravel 
  • Concrete (Pavers or Poured)
  • Clay (Brick Pavers)
  • Natural Stone

Gravel offers a fast, easy solution for homeowners. All you need is a underlying fabric and sturdy edging to hedge your path. Concrete and clay pavers are two more simple materials to work with. Installing pavers is simple enough for most DIY’ers; you simply need to find a pattern that gets you excited! Natural stone offers a very clean and rustic look for your pathway. Flagstone is one of the more common choices for homeowners these days.

What is a Flagstone Walkway?

Flagstone is a layered sedimentary sandstone that offers a luxurious aesthetic and simple function. Typically installed over a sturdy concrete base, flagstone looks fantastic with a wooden or tile roof installation. While you may have only seen this stone work in high-end housing systems, it’s surprisingly affordable.

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